October 2021


I’m sure most of you have heard the term “Supply Chain”. It has become the new buzz word and  it is affecting anything that relies upon materials for manufacture and delivery. To no surprise, it is affecting the bowling industry. For pro shops is has changed product availability and delivery timing. And this is where “Supply Chain” impacts us all. If you are not aware there is a shortage of truck drivers. There is a shortage of loading doc workers at coastal points of entry. All of this makes for added shipping costs and unknown timing for some equipment deliveries.

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Shipping Updates

Hello to you all. First, thank you for helping make ProShop X your choice for online bowling supply purchases. As you all know, I have included shipping in my pricing structure. However, the shipping companies have been raising thier prices to a point where I can no longer asorbe this entire expense. This means you will need to select a shipping option at the time of your order. I am asorbing a portion of this cost but not all of it. Below is the current fees for purchases based upon weight and delivery in the Continnetal US. For deliveries off

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