I’m sure most of you have heard the term “Supply Chain”. It has become the new buzz word and  it is affecting anything that relies upon materials for manufacture and delivery. To no surprise, it is affecting the bowling industry. For pro shops is has changed product availability and delivery timing.

And this is where “Supply Chain” impacts us all. If you are not aware there is a shortage of truck drivers. There is a shortage of loading doc workers at coastal points of entry. All of this makes for added shipping costs and unknown timing for some equipment deliveries. I have a good idea why this is happening and I have let my federal and state legislators’ know my thoughts. The big guys have been protected and it is time for some support for the vast majority of small businesses. Help fixing the Supply Chain issue would be a great start! “Hello … McFly!”

For example, shops in the Northwest have seen the closing of a local warehouse equipment supplier. The move will impact cost and delivery. Here at ProShop X we have several sources to help mitigate this interruption. This opportunity will help us keep our costs to you as reasonable as possible.

Here are a couple of changes I will have to make to my shop: 1) I will have to charge shipping on all orders. My costs have more than doubled for some delivery locations. 2) when you are shopping if you see “Limited Supply” or “Discontinued” please check with us first for availabilty. For new equipment I will provide a range of time when I think I will be able to ship to you. When you place an order please provide your email and a phone number so I can let you know the shipping options and fees. This will be charged separately.

I will continue to do all I can to provide you with the best service possible. In the near future I will start listing previously owned (used – ha!) bowling equipment. You will have the opportunity to select from a new range of equipment. And you will have the option to have a bowling ball plugged or left alone! You will be in control!!! And when I can, I will let you know how much action a ball my have seen!

So, there you go. If you have been wondering why your pro shop operator has been kind of vague when it comes to equipment – now you know part of the reason. And if you have been wondering why your local bowling center does not always oil the lanes for practice, perhaps the Supply Chain problem is affecting the materials they typically use. It is all a bit of a mess – and yes, Mr COVID is at the root of it!

Please stay safe. Let me know your thoughts. And remember – have fun bowling!

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