Well, I did something I have been looking forward to since I first saw these shoes available! I ordered a pair! The shoes are the KR-Strikeforce TPC Red SE (special edition). They came today! And what a box presentation that came with them!!!!!!

First off …. I’m keeping the box. No way I’m tossing this box! And second, like other KR shoes I expect these will be just a comfortable. You know KR makes shoes for other bowling ball manufacturers! So, if you have liked those you will like these.

If you are interested in a cool pair of bowling shoes, you cannot go wrong. You will find them on the Shoe page of the website https://proshopx.com/product/kr-strikeforce-tpc-red-se/

I plan to use these in practice and league next week. I’ll keep you posted in the Blog section of the website.

Bowl well …  keep your hand behind the ball … your elbow by your side …. and most of all – enjoy yourself.

There are times when, as a PSO, you need to take care of yourself. The pro shop business can be kind of like the shoe repair business: everyone else’s needs get taken care of but yours do not. I don’t need a tissue … it is just a fact!


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