used bowling balls



Used bowling balls are previously drilled, pugged, and bowled with bowling balls. The following are conditions to expect of the used bowling balls:

  1. Balls are finished to an 1800 grit finish or finer.
  2. Finger grips are not removed unless they are falling out .
  3. Interchangable thumb receivers are left in place. Interchangeable thumb inserts are not included.
  4. Weight indication are general – please have your local pro shop evaluate the balls exact weight.
  5. Existing finger, thumb and balance holes can be filled at customer’s written request at an additional fee.


ALL BOWLING BALLS ARE SOLD “AS IS”. No warranties are implied or provided by ProShop X LLC or the bowling ball manufacturer. The following are terms for Refunds and Returns:

  1. All purchases are final – no refunds will be provided.
  2. No returns are provided for Used Bowling Equipment purchases – no exceptions.
  3. The selection and purchase is the responsiblity of the customer. It is assumed the customer understands what is being purchased.


Taxes and Shipping fees will be applied under the following conditions:

  1. Washington State sales tax will be applied to Washington State residence.
  2. Shipping fees will apply for customers who cannot perform a local pickup of the purchase. Any purchase which requires shipping from the Kirkland, WA shop location.
  3. Applicable shipping fee is shown for each ball selection. Shipping fees are limited to the Continental US only. Please contact us for overseas shipping fees.
  4. Unless otherwise understood, ProShop X LLC ships through USPS. If the customer requires a different shipper, please contact ProShop X LLC ( for availability and fees.
  5. Balls are shipped double boxed. The inside box will be a bowling box (this may or may not be original box the ball came in) and a shipping box we use for shipping bowling balls typically.