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Ball surfacing is a critical element in bowling ball performance. Of all the factors that go into bowling, the surface of the ball is only secondary to the bowler! Afterall, the static values of the bowling ball are not touching the lane! Not that those things can have impact on performance of the ball, but ultimately, it is the ball surface which touches the lane and “reads” the oil and lane dry boards.

In our surfacing process we use a 3 axis surfacing machine. This provides a consistent and repeatable finishing process. We use diamond cutting pads for the three grit passes method or when we are repairing a damaged ball surface. This inconjunction with our other sanding discs ensures we are finishing the ball as you have selected.

It is important to understand we cannot match exactly the finish from the factory. The manufacturers’ finishing processes are done on industrical surfacing machines which the majority of pro shops do not engage. However, we can get very close.

* Surface damage will be evaluated per ball. Some severe damage may be un-repairable.

**Removal and / or replacement of grips and interchangeable thumb parts are additional cost.

*** Fixing gouges will need to be evaluated before work is performed. If the work or effort to repair the ball is greater than the value of the bowling ball the customer will be contacted for approval to proceed. The approval will need to be in written form from the customer. It can be sent by email or letter. The shop email address is: 

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Surfacing + Restore

Single Grit Sanding Pass, 2 Grit Sanding Pass, 3 Grit Sanding Pass, Surface Restore Light Damage, Surface Restore Heaving Damage, 2 Grit Sanding + Ball Polish, Surface Gouge Repair, Applied Polish


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