JoPo Purchases Made Better – No really!!

I have been watching the trends on how you all have been purchasing JoPo Twist thumbs systems. And there are a fair amount of you who like to buy multiple quanties! Makes a lot of sense if you have tried the JoPo Twist and now you are in love with how well it works. To that end we are now offering you all the ability to purchase product sets. Currently, we have to packages of 5. If we see that increasing we will add an adjustment to that as well. For now take a look at this link to see

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JoPo Interchangable Inserts – Installation Tips and Tricks

As I have written several times – JoPo interchangables are the best on the market!! As a pro shop operator and JoPo installer, I have learned a few things which I’m passing along to you. This is a kind of lengthly document, so you may want to print it! Or go get your favorite beverage and get ready for a good read! As always, if you have any questions or comments, let me know. GENERAL INFORMATION FOR INSTALLING THE JOPO INTERCHANGEABLE OUTER (RECEIVER) Installing a JoPo interchangeable thumb is just like most similar systems. JoPo’s use an outer (receiver) sleeve

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