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Thanks for making the purchasing process so easy, John, as well as providing super fast shipping times! I’ll keep coming back for more =)

“I’ve purchased 12 outer sleeves and 4 inner blank sleeves, so far, and loving the consistent feel that JoPo (paired with a thumb mould) gives me throughout my arsenal. I’ve never had this consistency before and the quality is rock solid!”

Cameron Chow - Bowler

Greg Nardo - Bowler

“Jopo does it again!!! The Jopo thumbs are by far the best interchangeable thumbs on the market. Extremely durable and an amazing engineering concept. I ONLY put Jopo thumbs in my equipment and I recommend Jopo to all of my customers as well. The new Jopo finger inserts are as great as the thumbs! They are softer than Vise and so very comfortable. The finger inserts fit more comfortable than anything else I have installed and used.. Such excellent products from Jopo Grips. A special thanks to Pro Shop X for carrying high quality products and getting them delivered in a very timely fashion. The shop is very nice to order from. Shipments are always packed well and delivered in a timely manner. Can’t thank you enough for all you do for the bowling community!”

Denny Cha - Bowler

“This shop really took care of me! Came here to get my ball fixed after buying it from a different shop. The previous shop I bought it from completely screwed up the drilling causing me lots of pain. Being new to bowling I couldn’t tell if it was me or the ball. Found John’s shop after searching online and came to him for help. He immediately realized what was the issue and addressed it right away. He took his time to educate me and explained everything about the measurements he was taking. The way he does his work is top of the line and you can tell he’s on top of the latest news and trends. I know I’ll be coming back for future purchases. Highly recommend!”

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