You have questions!

Here are some of the more common questions we get asked:

Question: Does ProShop X drill bowling balls not purchased at the pro shop?

Answer: YES we do. And our rates are the same regardless of where you purchased your
bowling ball.

Question: Do you drill bowling balls shipped to ProShop X?

Answer: YES we do. And our rates are the same regardless of where you purchased your bowling ball. You pay shipping to and from the pro shop for all bowling balls.

Question: How do you measure my hand if I cannot meet you?

Answer: Send us your best fitting bowling ball. We will extract the span dimensions, finger and thumb sizes. If you have grips we may need to remove them so we can get as close as possible to the same type and size. If you have specific grips you want to use let use know. Or better yet, if you have the grips send them to us. There will be a nominal charge to install those. 

Question: If you have to remove my old finger grips for sizing and type do you re-install them?

Answer: Yes we will. You are in control of this. If you want new ones let us know. Otherwise, we will assume you want to keep the old ones. And if you want new ones we will try to match them as close to the old ones as possible. New grips will be different because — they are NEW!!

Question: What if I have my own thumb insert, will you install it and drill it to match my other thumb inserts?

Answer: YES. We will drill the new insert as close as we can to the one you send us. If it is in a ball you send, we will match the pitches

Question: If I don’t see a finger grip or thumb insert by my favorite manufacturer can you get the ones I want?

Answer: PossiblyIf you go to our Accessories page you will see the manufacturers we install. Understand, we limit the selection because we know what works. We know and trust the quality of the materials by those manufacturers. If you want to use something we do not have it is at your risk. We will do our best but we have not control over manufacturing of parts for bowling balls. And sometime we simply cannot obtain some parts from our suppliers.