used bowling balls

As it has been noted on the splash screen we do have previously owned / used bowling balls. Most of the balls have limited games. Or are from pro shop programs with the ball manufacturers. The balls are finished to 1800 grit or finer. No plugging has been performed. Where finger grips are loose they have been removed. The interchangable thumb insert receivers have been left in place. These thumb inserts are either Turbo Switch Grip or Vise IT units. If you want the holes plugged please select that option from the Shop Services section of the web site. We offer plugging for fingers only, thumb only, balance hole only, or all four. Unless otherwise noted, for big holes such as thumb holes we use filler plug material. And we will add color to the plugging material for basic color finishes or clear plug. It is your choice. So, take a look at the current offerings. We will be adding more in the near future. Keep bowling and having fun ….

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