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We perform the de-oiling process with our JayHawk Detox machine and the JayHawk’s Detox Accelerator product. This in conjnction with the sonic wave system provides the best in removing dirt and oil from the ball surface.

Our policy at PSX is never allow the temperture of the water bath to exceed 115 degrees. When modern bowling balls are created the materials are a polymer mix. There are additives which are integrated for greater or lesser traction of the ball surface when rolling over the dryer boards of a bowling lane. Therefore, we take great care in making sure we do not compromise those polymers – it is what you paid for! Overheating a bowling ball surface can damage that polymer surface and cause the ball to “sweat” for several days after overheating the surface.

Note: if your ball has not been cleaned and / or de-oiled over several bowling league seasons, the de-oiling process may only be a temporary fix. This will be becuase there is so much dirt and oil on or in the ball it is almost impossible to restore the balls performance. We will do out best to let you know if this process is good for your bowling needs.

At no time do we guarantee “like new” performace from the de-oiling process. But we do know, from experience, bowling balls that are maintained benefit from our de-oiling process. And our bowlers report much improved ball performance.

We recommend you bring or send your ball to us for evaluation. And you have the de-oiling process performed 2 to 3 days befor you intend to use the ball in competition. This will allow the ball surface to “dry” from the bath dipping.

If you have any questions please let us know.

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Ball De-Oiling

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