PSX Bowling Ball Services – Drilling, Plugging, Surfacing


There are three types of drilling services we offer. The first is Conventional ball drilling. This is similar to the bowling balls you find on the rack in a bowling center. The difference is we drill the ball based on your hand span, finger sizes and thumb size. The second is Finger Tip drilling. This is typically for bowlers who want higher ball revolutions (revs) at release. Finger and thumb inserts are optional at an additional fee. The third is the Fingers Only ball drilling. This is typically for two handed bowlers or bowlers who do not use their thumb. Finger grip inserts are optional at an additional fee. Please contact us for more information.

For those who need a bowling ball plugged for any reason please see our pricing for those services. Where we can, we will do our best to match color and finish as we receive the ball from you. Should you want a specific surface finish please see our ball surfacing options. See notes regarding surface restoration under Additional Information.


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* Surface damage will be evaluated per ball. Some severe damage may not be able to be repaired.

**Interchangeable thumbs inners systems will vary in costs. Please see the Accessory pages.

Drilling Type

Select a drilling selection type for pricing.

Interchangeable Thumbs

When you purchase an interchange able thumb – inner or outer, the cost of the those products do not include drilling for the new thumb insert. Please see the pricing for the additional cost.

Surface Restore

We have the tools to surface cut a bowling ball to remove as much as we can of surface scratches. However, for really damaged bowling balls we cannot guarantee a perfect finish restoration. In some cases we will need to fill gouges with glue type filler. This is provided as an additional cost.


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