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There are three types of drilling services we offer. The first is Conventional ball drilling. This is similar to the bowling balls you find on the rack in a bowling center. The difference is we drill the ball based on your hand span, finger sizes and thumb size. The second is Finger Tip drilling. This is typically for bowlers who want higher ball revolutions (revs) at release. Finger and thumb inserts are optional at an additional fee. The third is the Fingers Only ball drilling. This is typically for two handed bowlers or bowlers who do not use their thumb. Finger grip inserts are optional at an additional fee. Please contact us for more information.

For those who need a bowling ball plugged for any reason please see our pricing for those services. Where we can, we will do our best to match color and finish as we receive the ball from you. Should you want a specific surface finish please see our ball surfacing options. See notes regarding surface restoration under Additional Information.


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Drilling Services

Conventional Ball Drill, Fingertip Ball Drill, Fingers Only (one and two handed bowlers)

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  1. Denny Cha

    This shop really took care of me! Came here to get my ball fixed after buying it from a different shop. The previous shop I bought it from completely screwed up the drilling causing me lots of pain. Being new to bowling I couldn’t tell if it was me or the ball. Found John’s shop after searching online and came to him for help. He immediately realized what was the issue and addressed it right away. He took his time to educate me and explained everything about the measurements he was taking. The way he does his work is top of the line and you can tell he’s on top of the latest news and trends. I know I’ll be coming back for future purchases. Highly recommend!

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