Hi Bowlers – As you all may know the USBC has announced several bowling balls, made by the Storm companies, of bowling equipment are now banned from any USBC specific events. For the listing of bowling balls please go here: https://www.bowl.com/equipment_specs/additional_resources/approved_products/ There are a few others but this is the most recent listing.

Again, this is for USBC events only. Here is a listing of events by the USBC in which the balls will not be allowed for competition:

  • USBC Masters
  • U.S. Open
  • USBC Open Championship
  • USBC Women’s Championship
  • ALL PWBA Tour Events
  • ALL Junior Gold and Youth Open Championships
  • USBC Intercollegiate Championships
  • USBC Team USA Trials
  • USBC Senior Masterds and USBC Senior Queens

If you bowl in a league, verify this with your league secretary if the league is honnoring this ban. If you plan to bowl in an event which is not USBC specific, you will need to check with the event orgainizer(s) to see if they are honnoring the banned bowling balls.

In most intances these bowling balls will be fine for all league bowlers. In fact, the PBA has annouced the banned balls are legal for all of their certified tournaments through the 2022 season. To be sure, there is a difference each orgainization is evaluating this issue. In affect, each orgainization has the option to allow or disallow the bowling balls identified by the USBC. This is different than it is for Storm’s Spectre bowling ball – that ball is banned no matter what.

Here is a listing of the banned bowling balls:

  • 900 Global: Altered Reality
  • 900 Global: Wolverine
  • Storm: Phaze 4
  • Storm: Trend 2
  • Storm: Electrify Solid
  • Roto Grip: UFO Alert

Here is the return form document should you have one of these balls and would like to get it exchanged: https://form.jotform.com/220886655055059 – this is a limited time policy. It ends on June 1st, 2022. Storm has indicated they will provide a certificate for drilling the ball you will give the pro shop (me). This does not necessaryly cover the cost of grips or thumb inserts.I plan to not charge for the inserts if the current ones are re-usable. And I will discount the thumb insert. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE REMOVALBE THUMB INSERT SYSTEM REPLACEMENTS.

Know that the balls are good bowling balls. PBA has not been able to find the definicies the USBC is objecting to. And this means the balls are fine for practice or events where the balls are allowed. I personally plan to practice with my “banned” bowling balls. And any PBA event I enter – I may use them there as well. It is a choice I am making for me.

If you have any questions or comments – please let us know.


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