Storm Virtual Gravity Nano


The Virtual Gravity Nano was Storm’s release of the NRG (Nano Reactive Genesis) cover stock. With asymmetric core it did and still is one of the strongest hook potential bowling balls!!! Like most of Storm line of high performance bowling balls the cover is completely tunable. It is not unusual to surface the ball with 4000 grit to get the length and mid-lane read from this ball. And one other item – carry down does not seem to affect the backend movement. Fragrance is Orange Mint. ***Limited supply bowling ball. When they are gone – they are gone.***

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This ball is no longer manufactured. The supply is limited. Shipping fees are non-refundable. Return shipping fees are additional. Returns will be charged a restocking fee of $40.00 – no exceptions.


Grips are not included in the drilling fee. Please go to our Accessories page for grips selection.


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