Motiv RipCord Launch


As I have written on other Motiv products, this new release of the RipCord is a really good option for bowlers who want a little more backend movement than the previous versions offered. This ball sits between my Sky Raptor and Iron Forge. The 5000 grit cover finish does not stop this freight train to the pocket. I have never had a ball throw so many messengers in the current ball release! Yeah — could be lively side boards but I’m seeing this in multiple houses!

For those of you who want the 411 on RG, Diff and cover / weight block info go to the Motiv web site here: You will find everything there.

Anyway, this ball is good for the average bowler who wants to enter the world of hook bowling. And for you high rever’s and speed freaks – you will love it too! One of the things I really like is picking up 10 and 7 pins with this ball. I don’t use a spare ball and I have found this one very controllable for those needs.

***Returns will be charged a $40.00 restocking fee. Re-shipment will be charged for replacement equipment request.***


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