KR-Strikeforce 4 Ball Kruz 4 Wheel Bag


Like a lot of you who have multiple bowling balls you bring to league or a tournament, it is a pain to haul that stuff around. Yeah, I have the 3 ball totes and even 2 ball totes. But there is noting like a stable roller!! And what is really cool about this bag is it is a 3 ball roller with a ball pouch at the bottom of the bag! I don’t know about you, but when I put a single ball strap on tote at the top of my 3 ball bag it makes the handel heavier and a drag to pull it. Well, with this design, the load is where it needs to be – at the BOTTOM BY THE WHEELS!!!! So pulling this bag is a breeze with 4 balls in tow.

Now since it is a 3 ball roller modified to handle a 4th ball, you can still use it as a 3 ball roller. And unlike the traditional 4 ball bag combos, this one takes up less space than the traditional 4 ball type and still has all the storage you would ever want!! How cool is that?

And I haven’t even gotten to one of the most important parts – STABILITY. I love my Brunswick Crown 3 ball roller. But the Kruze bag puts it to shame for stability. In fact the two are not in the same zip code!! The dual wheel design for both sides of the bag is tremendous. And like all modern bowling bags those wheels are smooth and glide over carpet floorling.

I truly cannot say enough good things about this bag from KR-Strikforce. They have nailed it!!!


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