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I know there are a lot of options for thumb tape – heck finger tape as well!!! For several years now I have been using what I call “shim tape”. What that means, to me at least, is a thin (5.2 MILS) thick tape. So, I use it for micro shimming thumb and finger holes. A lot of times a piece of bowlers tape is just too thick. And if that bowlers tape has any added texture – forget it! The shim tape product is made by 3M. It is easy to cut, place, and remove. I offer it in five colors – Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Black.  I use yellow and red for contrast when shimming a thumb hole.

Will this take the place of the traditional bowlers tape – NO. I still use smaller wide cuts (1/8″ to 1/4″ wide) pieces for the front (the thumb pad side) of a thumb hole. But, honestly, that is rare for me. The Shim Tape is for subtle adjustments all bowlers need to do at one time or another. This has been the solution I have been using for years. And NO – it is not electrical tape!

And here is the best part: it is less expensive per piece than any other tape out there! Typically, you can get 864 – 1 1/2″ pieces out of a roll. Or 1036 – 1 1/4″ pieces out of a roll. This means the cost per piece is between 4 and 5 cents. Typical bowlers tape will run 9 to 12 cents per piece for a 1″ wide x 1″ long piece! What a deal.

If you have any questions shoot me a message. I’d be glad to show you how I place the tape and where. Make sure to contact us before purchasing. At this time – 2021 – some colors are a little harder to get. 


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