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Well here is the only INTERCHANGEABLE thumb insert you will ever want! If you like either of the other two you will love this one. It combines the best of both into one unit. This is the closet thing you will find to a glued in solid thumb insert in an interchangeable! NO BS!. I’ve been using this system for over 3 years – dependable and nothing has ever broken. Take a look at the options. We can install these for you or you can have your pro shop mechanic do it for you. Have question – leave us a comment. See our Blog page. For Tips and Tricks please go to:

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Please see our Blog page for the Announcement of JoPo Twist.

Price Increase

2/15/2022 – Manufacturing production costs have risen for some JoPo parts. We have kept those price increases to a minmum. If you notice a difference that is the reason why. If you have any questions please let me know.

1 review for JoPo Twist

  1. Denny Jay Ganob (verified owner)

    First impressions of this interchangeable thumb system are that they are easy to install and strong. Simple installation even for a beginner driller and the inner thumb has a nice pilot hole combined with a softer material makes it easy to drill into and customize to fit an individual’s thumb. The key to get the thumb out is good, but definitely needs some improvements for durability as some of my friends have broke theirs but I heard it is in the works. My key did not break so I have not experienced that, but I do take time and special care when using the key for thumb slug removal. So far I made the switch after trying the other thumb systems. After drilling and installing on a couple of my bowling balls, I am impressed and feel these have given me the best feel on my thumb so far. Recommend giving it a try if you’re in the market for interchangeable thumb or looking into making the switch from regular thumb slugs.

    • John Bund

      Hi Denny, Thank you for your product review. I’m concerned your friends are having issues with the system. This link is to a blog on Tips and Tricks: Perhaps this will help them. And give you some insight on our installtion process. As alwasy, they can contact us and we will do what we can to help.

      How has your experience been with ProShop X LLC?


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