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PROSHOP X LLC is now the WEST COAST DISTRIBUTOR for JOPO GRIPS. The JoPo Twist is the best interchangeable that has hit the market! I have them in my bowling balls and so should you. They are the best in the business – don’t believe me talk to Andy Diercks, Head Coach for Mount Mercy University and Assistant Coach – Team USA. But like everything – don’t take my word for it let me show you! 

Pro Shop Owners / Operators

Here is an opportunity to take your customers to the next level in interchangeable thumb inserts. If time means income to you, this is one of the most cost affective inserts in the market place. 

If Reliability is the Issue

Tried of broken thumb inserts or the receivers (the outer) failing? I’ve been using this system for over four years. And I have yet to see a failure for either part! Can you say that about the other interchangeable grips? 


JoPo’s Grips patent locking system means you never need to remove thumb tape again. You got a good feel with the tape in your thumb hole, JoPo’s patent removal tool lets you remove the insert without damaging the tape!!!!! 

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Good bowling this season!

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