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Turbo makes a great finger insert grip in my opinion – I use them in my bowling balls! Aside from that, the finish and texture is one of several elements that make them great.

In the images, the GREEN image is the Quad Classic – smooth inside finish; no texture. The PURPLE image is the Quad. It features a mesh texture on one end of the grip; great for bowlers who want a little bit of feel and control at the point of release. The CLEAR image is the Quad2. This is my favorite grip design from Turbo. It provides little bumps at one end of the grip. This is great for understanding when you are releasing the ball!

See the chart image for colors, grip insert drilling size, and Turbo’s selection of grips types. Note: we make every attempt to obtain the color, size, and type from our supplier. If we cannot obtain the ones you want we will let you know as soon as possible. Please provide your email address in the purchase order. Use the Account page to setup your account details.

Finally – don’t know your finger size? Well, if you are not in the greater Seattle area, you can go to your local bowling pro shop and ask them to size your fingers. Write down what they tell you and note that in the “Approximate Finger Size” options box. We will take it from there. Make sure you note which finger the size is for!

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How to use the selections for your grips?

  • Select the finger for the grip selection
  • Select the grip type you want to use
  • Select the grip color
  • If you know your finger size, identify that selection here
  • If you do not know your finger size, send us the diameter (in inches) if your finger. A cloth tape will work for this.
  • Repeat for the other fingers

Most grips come in a 31/32″ diameter. If you want to use the MS version (7/8″ diameter grip) check the chart image for finger size and color limitation. Also, you can see what sizes are use for the large diameter 1 1/32″ diameter grips.


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